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Welcome to the wonderful world of LaJuana's Originals!
I hope you'll enjoy wandering thru the pages I've created here.  It's time to indulge yourself, sit back and visit a world of whimsy, charm and fantasy!  This site has been designed to bring smiles and joy to everyone who visits.  I've had such fun creating the many Art Dolls, Christmas Creations, Teddy Bears & Bunnies, Babies and Accessories I have showcased here and I truly wish to share the delight and enjoyment that these creations have given me with all of my many collectors, family and friends, as well as those who have yet to discover my art.

Among the Art Dolls you'll find here are Santa's & Elves, Old Geezers, Lady Friends (coming soon!), Willow Hollow Elves, All Clay, Clowns & Jesters, Hanging Elf Ornaments and Cloth Dolls (also coming soon!!).  These dolls are truly created with the collector in mind.  Always one-0f-a-kind pieces, these collectibles are signed, dated and include a Photo Certificate of Authenticity.

BearFolk & Friends consists of my original design teddy bears and bunnies.  Especially created for the bear and bunny connoisseur, these cuddly creations made their debut about 14 years ago and have remained a very popular collectible ever since!

There's no crying and fussing in the Lil Darlin' Nursery!  For those that love babies, The Nursery currently consists of sweet, loveable Newborn/Reborn babies - I do not currently sculpt my own babies but that is one of my goals for the near future, hopefully.  In the meantime, these darling little creations are a must to check out!

And then there's Fashion!!  As so many of us do, I love a good Tote, and while it's a bit of a stretch from my usual art I couldn't resist designing some great bags that hold so much STUFF!  Through a combination of great fabrics, a serious need for convenience and a flair for fashion, these totes are a fantastic addition to any fashionista's collection.  Additionally I soon hope to have available some original design jewelry pieces so I hope you will check back often!

For those who want to learn a little bit about myself please visit my Artist Profile page...admittedly not the most exciting part of this site but this is for those that have requested a chance to get to know a little more about myself and my family.

I truly love to hear from everyone so please take a moment to click on the Contact & Purchasing button and send me an email!  If you have any questions regarding anything you see here at LaJuana's Originals, or you wish to have your name added to my mailing lest (I send out emails a few times a year regarding show schedules and new items) or if you are wanting to purchase something you see here, again, just send me an email and I will get back to you just as soon as possible.

And last, but far from least, please check out my Upcoming Events & Show Schedule.  This is where I list my show schedule for the year and also include information on any new items I have on the horizon.

Thank you so much for visiting my site and I hope you'll stop in again!!

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