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Old Geezers
(Photo Gallery Below)

Always one-of-a-kind, each Lil Darlin' Old Geezers Art Doll is created with hand sculpted head, hands and feet of ProSculpt, a polymer clay.  Their bodies have a wire armature that has been softly padded and covered with a "knit" skin, leaving these little old men somewhat posable!  There are no molds ever used in their creation and no molds are made of the original afterwards, assuring that each Old Geezer is truly unique and a true one-of-a-kind.  You will find many Old Geezers with cute little bare feet or covered with hand made leather sandals.  I have so much fun creating the feet that it's so hard to then cover them up!  They are each given a name and a story is then created specifically for that piece.

A Photo Certificate Of Authenticity, numbered one-of-one and signed by the artist, accompanies the sale
of each Lil Darlin' Old Geezers.

Photo Gallery
Click on any picture below for more detail
as well as additional photos!

Sledding Grandpa


In Private Collection

The Hitchiker


Old Hippie

Bart The Town Sherriff

Cowboy Joe

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Please note that Lil Darlin's Old Geezers Art Dolls are created as collectible creations for adults only and are not intended for children. Please do not purchase them for children.



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